What Parents Say

As first time campers, we thought Jill did a great job explaining the wide variety of camps and helping to narrow the choices to camps that were a good fit for my son. At the end of the day, he had a terrific summer at camp and wants to go back! We think that is the best endorsement of her work.”
— Julian, mother of first time camper

“Jill is a wonderful woman to work with! She helped guide us for our first time sleep away camp for our son. She got it right on, with her knowledge and insight about the many types of camps and the right ‘fit.’ Jill’s wisdom and perception are remarkable! She always made me feel that the door was open to discuss thoughts and questions. Thanks for all your hard work and time!
— Rachel, mother of first time camper

“Thank you for helping my daughter have the best summer of her life. When we met with you last summer, you told me that finding a camp that is right for a child has everything to do with the people at the camp — campers, counselors and administrators. Throughout our search, you continued to emphasize the importance of that fit.”

“You were 100% right. As part of your finding-the-right-fit philosophy, you encouraged me last summer to spend time with the camp directors at the camps we visited. That proved to be invaluable advice. What made my daughter’s summer so successful were the relationships she developed with her bunkmates and counselors. Your ability to assess my daughter so accurately and recommend a camp that was such a wonderful experience is truly amazing.”
— Susan, mother of first time camper

“Thank you for taking the time to research peanut-free camps. We were told they did not exist, and we’d have to send our daughter to a special needs camp. Without your help, we would never have found this camp!”
— Victoria, mother of daughter with severe peanut allergies

“You have a wealth of knowledge that is not to be minimized.”
— Jennifer, mother of four children

Jill is a consummate professional. Camp advisory is both an art and a science and Jill has the ability to do both very well. She has a real human touch, as well as a businesslike approach. She is a pleasure to work with.”
— Mindy, mother of two campers

“Thank you so much for all your help – the process was painless thanks to you!”
— Gia, mother of first time camper

“As a full time healthcare professional and mother of 3 sons, I turned to Jill for unbiased guidance with regards to my children’s summer programs over the past ten years. Her professionalism and direction has consistently proven itself over and over again. Thanks to Jill’s, energy, enthusiasm and most importantly knowledge, my children have had wonderful summers which now leaves them with lifelong lasting wonderful memories and friendships!”
— Jamie, mother of three campers

“I met Jill on a luncheon flyer and had the smarts to realize that this paper was worth keeping! Little did I know that she would advise me the first summer on two totally different camps for each of my children – she got the camp match and our family so perfectly. The following year my son was ready for a different experience and she was able to guide us to another camp that I also would have never considered. I know that we will once again be very happy in our choice.”

“I felt so comfortable with Jill’s guidance that this past year, I was happy to take a back seat and let her guide us as I knew she had the information to direct us. She is informed, thorough, responsive and very sensitive to us as parents and great with my children. I am so happy to have such a seasoned professional I can count on!”
— Aline, mother of three campers

“When it was time to consider sending our then 10 year old son to overnight camp, we were recommended to Jill by our son’s school. Jill met with our son personally and got to know him, as well as learned about what all of our expectations and fears about camp were. Based on a thorough evaluation, Jill recommended 3 camps she felt would best fit our collective needs. After interviewing the three camp directors, along with Jill’s insights, we found the perfect match. It has now been 2 camp seasons and we are all so happy. Jill provided an invaluable service in helping us get through the camp selection process well-armed with the necessary knowledge, and without stress.”
— Keith, father of first time camper

“You do a great job of outreach and have a wonderfully approachable personality.”
— Tina, mother of teen

“Thanks for all of your guidance. You directed us to programs that we did not know of, honed down the information to a manageable amount, and made professional recommendations, which was very meaningful.”
— Candace, mother of two (camper and teen)

“You were very helpful, asking me questions I never thought of. We wouldn’t have ever known about the camp we chose if you hadn’t introduced us to it. I tell everyone to call you.”
— Cari, mother of two campers

“Jill is very knowledgeable…it takes a talent to know about all of the camps. I called to investigate my daughter switching from her original camp to pursue a special activity. Jill discouraged me from switching camps and recommended a way for her to get more of what she wants from her original camp. Jill was extremely professional and did not have to do this. When I need to recommend an advisor, I recommend Jill.”

“Jill is a very thorough seasoned professional. She worked very close to our family to find the right camp for our son, and two years later he is still at the same camp having an amazing time.”
— Mindy, mother

“Jill, thank you for everything. Your audit of possibilities, attention to our kids’ desires and needs and personalities, and sense of what might best resonate with me and Tom made this process of camp selection a dream. Jill is an incredible resource.”
— Roxanne, mother of two first time campers

“Thanks again for all your help. We spoke with our daughter for the first time last night. She is having a GREAT time. She loves camp and, on a scale of 1 to 10, gave it a 10 (compared to her old camp which she rated a 1). You definitely found the right camp for her!” — Wayne and Michele, mother of middle school girl who switched camps
— Wayne and Michele, mother of middle school girl who switched camps