The Widest Range of
Pre-College Programs

Everything Summer® can help you select from the widest range of summer options — thousands — and we frequently advocate that our clients combine multiple experiences to maximize their summer! Our unique process helps you select the programs and experiences that fit your teen and their needs.

Everything Summer has the inside track to what colleges are looking for teens to experience. We completed a nationwide survey of personal interviews with admissions counselors from leading colleges and universities and learned what they think is a valuable teen summer.

Jill sits down with a teen program director in her office.

Jill sits down with a teen program director in her office.

Summer options for students are more exciting and varied than ever before! From photojournalism in Iceland, to veterinary programs in the Caribbean, to architecture in southern France — teens can enjoy rich, memorable and unique summers.

  • Business programs

  • Academic programs for credit

  • Leadership programs

  • Medicine & veterinary programs

  • Specialties: archaeology, engineering, journalism, culinary arts, environmental science, etc.

  • Teen travel

  • Fitness & nutrition

  • Special needs

  • and more!

  • Adventure expeditions

  • Language learning and cultural immersion

  • College prep, SAT & ESL programs

  • Gifted programs

  • Visual & performing arts

  • Internships

  • Community service

  • Academic enrichment programs

  • Sports

  • Volunteer & community service

Everything Summer is your strategist, honing in on the best choices for each client.

“Thanks for all your help during Mary’s high school years. She’ll attend Cornell in the fall. Mary’s summer experiences were varied; each one providing her with rich memories and exposures that will last her a lifetime!”

— Jan, mother of teen