Everything Summer’s expertise is an invaluable resource for independent educational consultants, schools & institutions, and other educators and professionals working with students or families. We work collaboratively with involved professionals to help students plan summers that complement their established interests, and will organically help them develop as students and citizens. We partner in a variety of ways with counselors and educators to set up their students up for summer success.

Ways we work with counselors, educators, and institutions

  • Speaking — We conduct small group sessions with educators and professionals about maximizing summer opportunities. Schools and parents’ organizations contact us to speak with families, as well as college guidance teams, in order to share our summer expertise.

  • Everything Summer Guide and Planner — We offer our Guide and Planner as a complementary resource to educators and educational institutions. The Everything Summer® Guide & Planner contains organizational resources, tips & checklists, questions to ask a program director, and a myriad of other useful tools for planning student summers.

  • Independent Counselors — We work with school, boarding school, and college counselors to plan meaningful summer experiences for their students. We help navigate the thousands of pre-college options, and help these independent professionals evaluate fit and how to best meet student needs.

  • Strategic Partnerships — We can partner with high schools and institutions, allowing them to build out a summer guidance planning department.