What Directors Say

“Jill is such a wonderful resource for parents, and an incredible advocate for the Camp experience! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication!”
— Scott Brody, Camp Owner/Director

“I am completely behind your business model and the professionalism that you show toward the industry.”
— Andy Lilienthal, Camp Director

“I appreciate the meticulous attention you pay in learning about the various summer options we offer. We value your detailed screening of prospective students, and Toni and I look forward to continuing to work with you and your families.”
— Priscilla Lund, Admissions, overseas summer program

“We are fully aware of the excellent job that you do, and the time and careful attention that you put in to finding the right match for your clients. We very much appreciate what you do.”
— Steve Green, Assistant Camp Director

“Thank you for the great job you do, matching our camps to individual families. We have a tremendous success rate with them due to the excellent job you are doing screening and directing them. Keep up the great work.”
— Mickey Black, Camp Owner