We Provide Meaningful Summers

“She’s incredibly bright, but we don’t want to overwhelm her – how can we set her up to succeed academically and socially this summer?”

We Get to Know You

When we met Alexis, we found her to be a very bright, but quiet young woman. She was an intellectually curious student who had just switched schools the previous year. She had a real interest in coding and computer science, but hadn’t had the opportunity in school to take any real courses in this area. She was socially shy, and though she was making friends at her new school, she hadn’t yet learned to be her own advocate.

We Help You Choose

Everything Summer® extensively research a breadth of options, ultimately recommending programs that would keep Alexis busy throughout the summer and give her a taste of community service and college life. We helped manage her program applications, and worked with Alexis to write strong essays that clearly articulated her summer goals. She spent the first part of the summer working with a local service organization, then traveled to a university campus where she undertook a college-level coding course that helped her develop real skills. We made sure to identify programs that were suitable for her socially, and she came out of the program with strong summer friendships and the ability to navigate a major city by herself, in addition to her newfound coding skills!

We Provide Meaningful Summers

The combination of the two programs gave Alexis experiences that she truly loved and were consistent with her interests. Her summer was about work and fun. “It was the best summer of my life!”, she proclaimed.