The Camp Switch

“I don’t want to go back to camp!” insisted Carly, a seventh grader. “The kids have changed and the activities are boring. But I’m too old to switch to a new place.” Her parents were torn. They didn’t want to force Carly into a situation she wouldn’t enjoy, but they believed some summer time away was good for her development. (It was also good for their marriage!) They were considering a teen enrichment program, but were worried that Carly might still be too young for that option.

We Get to Know You

After a meeting with Carly and her family, Everything Summer® established that Carly might, in fact, be too young for a teen program. She enjoyed many of the aspects of camp. She had simply “outgrown” the camp she had been attending since elementary school.

We Help You Choose

Because Everything Summer visits camps each year, we know exactly which ones are very accepting of adolescents “in transition.” And due to our close relationships with camp directors, we can have honest conversations about whether an older new camper may be a good fit. After extensive research and dialogue with several camps, we then recommended a select groups of camps to Carly’s family.

We Provide Meaningful Summers

We targeted camps where Carly would not be the only “new girl.” In fact, some girls her age were attending summer camp for the very first time. The change was refreshing and Carly had a great summer. (Her parents did too!)