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Kids Going to Summer Camp

Join the caring and selective parents who rely on Jill Tipograph and Everything Summer® to find the summer camp that is the “best fit” for their children.

Summer camp is a major financial and emotional investment in your child’s development and a memory which will last a lifetime – you want it to be the right one for your child!

Jill consults with the boys at camp, getting some on-the-spot opinions.Jill consults with the boys at camp, getting some on-the-spot opinions.

“You’re like a best friend. You talk enough to a parent to really know that child. You’re so on target. You fit the child to the product (camp); you don’t market a product (camp) to a family. You really get it.” — Leslie, mother of two

Planning for this enriching and meaningful experience requires a great deal of valuable time and knowledgeable research in order to establish the screening criteria and distinguish one camp from another to ensure the very best fit.

Jill Tipograph has two decades of expertise in identifying summer camps that best meet the needs and goals of your child. She creates an individual path which will lead your child through enriching, fun, and meaningful experiences, into a productive, self-confident and independent young adulthood.

Why You Want to Work with Jill

There is a difference between Everything Summer and referral services. We are the only independent summer consulting service for families. We do not accept any placement fees from camps. We are unbiased and only have our clients’ best interests at heart.

Jill and campers on the cabin porch, enjoying a sunny afternoon.Jill and campers on the cabin porch, enjoying a sunny afternoon.

We take the time to get to know you and your child. Our customized and individualized process does all the research for you, helps you identify what is important to you, and goes a step beyond by securing all the pertinent information.

Our recommendations are the result of targeted questions based on your goals and your child’s profile. They represent the best options and include personalized information applicable to him or her.

You get what you pay for! Our fees are a small percentage of your investment in your child’s growth. Let us assist you in making the right decision!

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