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Pre-College & Beyond

Summer programs can be a determining factor when applying for college. Planning for these enriching and meaningful experiences requires valuable time and knowledgeable research. We establish the screening criteria, and distinguish one program from another, to ensure the very best fit.

Jill Tipograph and Everything Summer® have more than two decades of expertise in identifying summer programs that meet the needs and goals of young adults. We will develop an individual path to college with enriching summer experiences that create personal growth opportunities, maximize extra-curricular high school activities, and that successively build upon each other every summer.

Jill works with a teen in her office, making plans for the summer.Jill works with a teen in her office, making plans for the summer.

“My family has now worked with Jill and her staff at Everything Summer for 6 years. When we first came to Jill, we were looking for a sleepaway camp that fit with our 10 year old daughter’s personality and our family’s values. I was delighted to learn that Jill’s process of finding the right fit starts with her getting a thorough understanding of the kids she is placing as well as the parents with whom she is working. That thoroughness paid off well for our family— our kids returned to that same camp Jill introduced to us until they ‘aged out.’”

“Fast forward six years, Jill is just as thorough working with our now older teenagers. Her process of finding the right summer experience again relies on a comprehensive understanding of not only our kids’ personalities, but their academic experiences, extracurricular interests, college thoughts and personal goals. I continue to be blown away by Jill’s ability to ask the right questions and take in a vast amount of information, to return to us with summer program options that so clearly hit the mark for our individual child.” — Susan, mother of 2 teens

Personalized, Customized

We take the time to get to know you, and your son or daughter, recognizing each teen as an individual with distinct needs. Our customized and individualized process does all the research for you; helps you identify concerns and goals; and goes a step beyond by securing the information important to you.

Your teenager can embark on a journey of self-discovery through giving to others in a service program; broaden horizons in a language and cultural immersion program; develop as an artist or scientist; learn a new skill; explore a career of interest in an internship; take academic and leadership courses; pursue a passion… the opportunities available to pre-college students are limitless.

Our recommendations are the result of careful research and targeted questions based on your young adult’s specific needs.

How to Plan…
A Fulfilling & Productive Summer

Listen to this podcast featuring Jill and her first-hand insights on how to plan a meaningful teen summer, including:

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