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Teen Challenge

“My Daughter’s in high school…Should summer be about work or fun?”

“Brianna has so many interests. How do we help her get ‘real life’ experience but still allow her to enjoy her last summers before college?” asked Greg and Diane, concerned parents of a 16 year old girl

We Get to Know You

When Everything Summer® met with Brianna, they found her to be a quiet yet independent young woman, with a passion for young children. She loved her language classes in high school and was already quite proficient in Spanish. She also enjoyed leading various clubs and sports teams in school and her father, an investment banker, felt that Brianna could excel in business as a career.

We Help You Choose

Everything Summer recommended alternatives that would keep Brianna busy for six weeks over the summer and give her a taste of global travel, teaching, community service AND business. She spent the first half of the summer in an overseas language immersion program involving a home stay with a Spanish family with young kids. Upon her return to the U.S., Brianna attended a short-term business leadership program.

We Provide Meaningful Summers

The combination of the two programs gave Brianna experiences that she truly loved and were consistent with her interests. Her summer was about work and fun. “It was the best summer of my life!” she proclaimed.

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