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Working With Everything Summer

Children spend approximately 25% of their academic years on summer vacations, or an equivalent of more than 3 years between the ages of 8-21. So many fun, growth, and enrichment opportunities are available during these summers . . . Our process will help you maximize their summers with benefits and memories that will last a lifetime.

Jill sits down with a parent in her office. One on one consultations are very important to the process. Jill sits down with a parent in her office. One on one consultations are very important to the process.

Unique and Focused

Planning the summer for your child or teen takes the same care, research and investigation as selecting pre-schools and colleges. The summer is an important time in your child’s life. Make sure you select well!

Jill takes the time to help you make the right choices for your kids and family. She is caring, candid, discriminating, and unbiased. Her vast knowledge and experience makes her unlike any other summer consulting service. And she is focused on one thing: making sure your family has the best, most relevant options possible for your child or teen.

Personalized and Objective

We talk to your family about your goals and expectations for summer – and prior experiences with camps and other programs. Through targeted questions, we understand your child’s or teen’s personality and interests.

Everything Summer goes “one step beyond” in our summer program research. Our priority is our clients’ best interests and we work exclusively for them, constantly researching programs to offer them the broadest range of options, without accepting any referral fees. Read our success stories to see how we assist families, with even the most difficult summer searches (including food allergies and teens getting ready for college).


Each child and teen is recognized as an individual. Our select recommendations will represent the most appropriate options which address the needs and goals established during our interview.

“ES asked thoughtful questions and really listened to my daughter’s responses. This led to suggestions that were well-matched to her individual interests and personality.” — Susan, mother of teen

Jill says hello while visiting camp.Jill says hello while visiting camp.

Our due diligence filters the overwhelming amount of information, and screens camps and programs to identify those that best meet our client’s requirements. This results in the most appropriate recommendations for our client families.

“In today’s internet environment, it is easy to find summer programs to fit every whim and need. The real trick is to find a program you can trust! Using Everything Summer gave us the confidence to send our son on a program overseas. His experience was amazing . . .” — Nancy, mother of teen

“My kids and I would not think of planning out their summers without consulting first with Jill. She has the keen ability to match a child’s needs with the most appropriate environment.” — Marla, mother of teen and college student

Caring and Helpful

We guide you through the entire decision-making process, answering your tough questions, and sharing our knowledge and experience with all age groups and various challenges and programs.

Our liaison between camps, programs, and our clients eliminates wasteful time while assuring privacy for our client families.

As you get ready for the summer, we offer valuable resources for shopping, packing, family travel planning and other ways to make your summer stress-free.

Our Service to You Doesn’t End at the Start of Summer

During the summer we’re available to answer your questions – from visiting days at camp to helping your teen adjust to the return from a summer program. We will follow up with a survey to get valuable feedback about your child or teen’s experience. With your consent, we may provide constructive input to camps and programs as appropriate.

“You have a true gift for listening to and understanding a family’s and child’s needs and then matching the right program.” — Deena, Mother of teen and campers, NY

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